The Bamboo Family Lodge

The Bamboo family lodge is the most impressive lodge of the homestay. It is perfect for families.

Staying there you will be fully immersed in the beautiful nature of the park. The main materials used for the construction of the lodge are Bamboo and Wood. And the room is specially designed to be water and insect-proof, for the best comfort of our guests. 
The room comes with a private bathroom with shower (hot water), private terrace, air-conditioner, wi-Fi and a mini-bar.

The room is situated across the park, and is independent to the other rooms, for more privacy, peace, and a very relaxing atmosphere.

It is near the big exterior pond and the resting area.

A swing is also available for kids to play, and a large and secured platform has been installed in the trees nearby for the guests to have a perfect overview of the park.




0 Storeys

To maximize the living space and provide plenty of breathtaking views.

0 Bedrooms

0 bedrooms, built in an enclosed glass environment with cooling AC units.

0 Bathrooms

Glass enclosed master bathroom with AC.



Bamboo Eco-Village is an Authentic and Luxury homestay located in the countryside of Can Tho city. Coming there you will live a unique experience.

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